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Started in 2008 to provide clients with Thermal Design & CFD, Plastic Molding Design & Analysis

Thermal Design & CFD

Numerix Technologies provides robust and powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for electronics thermal management.

Plastic Moulding Design & Analysis

Faster & more reliable plastic injection molding simulation anytime, anywhere from Numerix Technologies.

Heat Sink Design & Development

Innovative Thermal Solutions for Changing Electronics Cooling Needs from Numerix Technologies.


Thermal Design & CFD

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a tool to analyse the effectiveness of the cooling of server racks & aisles in data centers.


Plastic Moulding Design & Analysis

The manufacturing process of parts in large volume is Injection Molding. Injection Molding is a processes where thousands of same part is mass produced


Heat Sink Design & Development

One of the most commonly used approaches to increase heat dissipation is the use of heat sinks. Heat sink design seeks to maximize the surface area in contact with the surrounding cooling medium

We are Numerix

In the past, the thermal designer’s role was seen as one of predicting temperatures and ensuring that reliability limits are met for products. However, the role of an effective thermal designer is much more than that. We believe that thermal designers are both critical and most useful in the early conceptual stages of product design

In addition, the thermal designer’s role is to challenge specifications that are often used merely for convenience or for legacy reasons, and to uncover the true requirements

In any case, the ultimate goal of system thermal design is not the prediction of component temperatures, but rather the reduction of thermally associated risk to the product.

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Pioneers in Thermal Technology for Over 12 years

We believe in people who make things not just efficient but also smart. Our mission is to empower Electronics with an efficient Thermal Design with immense potential to transform the electronics industry

Clients & Testimonials

“NUMERIX time and again helped us with our thermal designs. We have also validated their predictions with experimental data.Their experienced support engineers always added value by interpreting the results correctly and suggesting the right design changes, in time. ”

Mechanical Processor Systems, Bangalore

“Firstly I would like to thank Numerix for helping us to meet our project timelines. They understood our project schedule and flexibly changed the analysis plan that fit our project schedule. Regarding Thermal Report, it was ACCEPTED & APPROVED by our customer. Thanks!

In short, we are looking forward to work with Numerix Tech for more design services.”

Aricent Group

“Your team’s knowledge about the Thermal and Mechanical aspects is really good, refreshing, and extremely candid. I must say the passion for what you do is evident in every call, meeting and email.

In sum, Numerix is an excellent service provider with high ethical standards and a passion for practical approaches to Thermal Analysis and Mechanical designs.”

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