ARES Commander Auto CAD Software

ARES Commander is a DWG based CAD software.

It can do everything that Auto CAD does and much more. You can open Auto CAD drawings, edit, print & save in ARES.

You can open these drawings (created using ARES) in Auto CAD if you want, edit & print in Auto CAD.

The commands and user interface is very similar and you don’t have to spend any extra time to learn ARES.

Advantages :

ARES Commander Edition becomes a very cost effective solution for your organization

ARES Commander Edition is only 1/3rd of the cost of Other 2D CAD Software & WITH ARES Commander Edition MANAGEMENT’S INVESTMENT COST WILL BE REDUCED.

Native file format of ARES Commander Edition is .DWG, so that it is very simple to open any CAD(*.DWG) file here and vice versa

ARES Commander Edition help you to work on your LEGACY DATA & files created in ARES Commander can be used in other CAD software.

ARES Commander Edition Can Save as *.DWG file irrespective of any version, unlike other CAD software’s which is limited to only previous 3 versions

Any CAD user can work on ARES Commander Edition starting from day 1

Learning curve is zero for the user who has practiced using Other 2D CAD Software

Ares Commander Edition Support’s major OS – “Windows” ; “Mac” & “Linux”

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